Dachshund Beagle Mix Harley


The Founder of Harley’s Barkery! We adopted Harley in 2008 and in 2014, Harley was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We were able to enjoy 6 wonderful years with him and will always remember how silly he was. Our greatest memory of Harley was him jumping up on the dining room table chair and us asking him “So, how was your day?”



We adopted our second rescue, Sophie, also in 2008 to give Harley a friend. While they didn’t hit it off right away, they grew to love one another with Sophie eventually taking over the house. Sophie was diagnosed with Lymphoma in January of 2019 and lost her battle in February. She had a really strong personality on her, as you can tell by her photo. Well, she refused to eat her food if her bowl was on the floor. She enjoyed not being bothered by her siblings and have 100% of her daddy’s attention.



The Head of Quality Control, Tiny makes sure that all the treats are really yummy. Though she prefers that no one else but her has them! We rescued this little girl in 2010 from Cayuga County’s Dog Control. She is really silly and is super tough! Don’t try to take her treats away from her.

Our Beagle Howie


Howie has been enjoying our treats since we first started testing them in May of 2014. When we first adopted Howie, he had heartworm, but you wouldn’t have known it by his personality. He didn’t let that slow him down and was a trooper when going through his treatment. He will tell you (and will he tell you) that his favorite treat is our Grain-Free BARK’N BBQ treats.

Chihuahua Mix Ruffles


Ruffles is a pretty sweet and sometimes puzzling doggie. She enjoys playing with other dogs but sometimes just needs her own space. She also gets jealous really easy. She just wants all the treats to herself maybe.

Our Beagle Whippet Mix Blondie


Blondie has been enjoying Treats from Harley’s Barkery for almost five years now. She enjoys them a lot and says that the Apple Pie treats are her favorite! Though, she can’t wait to try out our new creations.

Doxen the Dachshund


Dox came into our lives when he was only nine months old. At this point, he already had three homes and we would be his fourth and final. As with most dachshunds, he is very hyper and very mischievous. Dox’s favorite flavor treat is the Grain-Free PBNANA!.